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HostGator Web Hosting Review

About HostGator :

Founded in 2002,, LLC has quickly grown from its humble beginnings in Boca Raton, Florida into one of the most respected names in the web hosting industry. Renowned for exceptional customer support and unrivaled in terms of customer satisfaction, Host Gator is poised to take the lead in the highly competitive and densely populated world of web hosting providers.

The Host Gator philosophy is simple: Provide reliable service, superior support, and affordable pricing to businesses and individuals seeking quality shared, reseller, or dedicated web hosting solutions.

HostGator  has become one of the better known web hosts in the industry by being themselves. Though nothing they do is completely spectacular or unbelievable, they do what they should do. That is, HostGator actually answers their phones, replies to their emails, responds to live chat requests, doesn’t rip you off, and provides quality hosting. It’s actually quite sad that most hosts can’t seem to get these things right, but it’s great for HostGator as they’ve banked on it and it’s translated into success.

At first glance, HostGator is not too impressive. They have a fairly generic web site, a logo with a fairly lame slogan – “we eat up the competition” (the alligator in the logo is eating the “H”) (sorry HostGator), ordinary copy on their text, an apparent lack of updates on their site, a pretty standard ModernBill setup, cPanel, and basically everything an average web host has.

However, that’s the beauty of HostGator. They don’t have too many bells and whistles, marketing ploys, or anything of the sort. What you see is what you get and it’s that simple. HostGator’s terms of service is pretty standard, as is their order process. Marketing isn’t shoved down your throat at every page and billing is simple. The order process takes about 5 minutes and HostGator accepts both credit cards and PayPal (which is always nice), as well as debit cards.


Best cPanel Hosting – Extremely Reliable Host
99.9% Uptime Guarantee (Guarantee In TOS)
Unlimited Storage, Bandwidth & Add-on Domains
Best for e-Commerce, Business Blogs, Forum and All Sized Websites


Hostgator pricing is very much reasonable, starting from $4.95(paid in advance for three months, we recommend paying monthly @ $7.95 to start with). New users can start with a hatchling package and upgrade to baby as they need or directly go for baby package – $9.95, paid monthly – to support add-on domains. Dont forget to checkout our hostgator coupons page to get some discount.

They use modern bill for billing software, which is unfortunately not integrated to the control panel. Personally, I din’t like it and had some problems changing my payment from paypal to credit card. To be fair with them, hostgator support was quick in solving the issues when contacted.

Control Panel:

Hostgator provides the leading control panel better known as cPanel on all of their web hosting solutions.

Customer Support:

Support has been one area that separates Hostgator from the rest. They provide good support, which includes ticket system, live chat, phone support – all these are 24/7. Personally I never had to use the phone support, and used the live chat only once. There was not much delay in live chat and it the issue was sorted out. Over last 2 years, I had to use support ticket 3 times and the average response time was around 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs. They also have a peer support forum, which can be quite helpful if you have a tricky issue. On forums, you can get help from hostgator staff as well as other hostgator users. You can also check out the forum in case of any pre-sales question etc.


Application Installation Wizards
Their simple to use install wizards provides step-by-step instructions for adding a variety of applications to your site–photo galleries, blog software including Joomla , WordPress and more!

Customize your email address ( to enhance your professional image. Plus, you’ll be able to check your mail from anywhere.

Free Advertising!
Get the word out about your great new site with credits for major search engines, including Google ,Yahoo , Facebook And Myspace  . They give you $150 right up front in free advertising.

Point & Click Site Building Tools
Create a professional-looking website with just a few clicks, using a variety of dynamic themes and templates. No programming or HTML experience needed!

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Tech support
Customer support
Reliability & Uptime
Rating: 4.0/5 (13 votes cast)
HostGator Web Hosting Review5.051

135 Reviews so far!

    Jason Hooper

    What Jason Hooper Says About this Web Host:

    Very poor

    Hosted For: 6 - 11 months

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    Jason Hooper Recommend This Web Hosting

    Very poor. Support is so slow it can take 2 days or more to resolve ANYTHING.

    Moved my public criticism to a private forum twice because I dared to criticise them. Too big to care.

    1 Joe

    What Joe Says About this Web Host:

    Very poor Technical Supp.

    Hosted For: 1 - 2 years

    Type Of Plan: Reseller

    Joe Recommend This Web Hosting

    I have facing sending email to yahoo, gmail & other server or even send to own server not recieve by the receiver, same issue happen to our reseller account since sign up,issue happen every 3 weeks,so regret n wommit blood of deal to their technical admin

    2 David

    What David Says About this Web Host:

    Abusive Limitation

    Hosted For: 1 - 2 years

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    David Don't Recommend This Web Hosting

    Hostgator have a limit in shared hosting. You can not upload via post files via web/php files of more than 10 Mbytes. No public pages ni contract where you read that abusive limitation.

    3 David

    What David Says About this Web Host:

    One of the better host

    Hosted For: 1 - 2 years

    Type Of Plan: Dedicated

    David Recommend This Web Hosting

    I hosted my with Hostgator, I t was a pretty good experience, one of the better host to choose from

    4 Shane

    What Shane Says About this Web Host:

    Very happy

    Hosted For: 1 - 2 years

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    Shane Recommend This Web Hosting

    Have had them for a few years now, have tired others but keep coming back. Service is a little slow but thats my only concern. Very happy otherwise

    5 Jake

    What Jake Says About this Web Host:

    good service

    Hosted For: 1 - 2 years

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    Jake Don't Recommend This Web Hosting

    I hosted with them for close to a year. After the first few months the server I was on was up and down every other day. They have become to big to give good service.

    6 Joe Norton

    What Joe Norton Says About this Web Host:

    Not the cheapest, but cheap

    Hosted For: 1 - 2 years

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    Joe Norton Recommend This Web Hosting

    I’ve had no problems with them. Even my newbie questions were answered very professionally. Speed is great. No downtime detectable in 2 months. Not the cheapest, but cheap, way better than 1and1 or PowWeb. Many great features are standard.

    7 Rishad

    What Rishad Says About this Web Host:

    They are not not friendly

    Hosted For: 3 - 5 months

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    Rishad Don't Recommend This Web Hosting

    I dont like their customer support. I find them very impersonal and not friendly. I wrote them a nice intro and praise them after reading their reviews. They didnt bother with a reply. They charge extra for international DNS. The want an extra fee for h

    8 Kamal

    What Kamal Says About this Web Host:

    Poor technical support

    Hosted For: 3 - 5 months

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    Kamal Don't Recommend This Web Hosting

    I wouldnt recommend hostgator as they have very poor technical support. i have had 4 days of downtime for the moment and it keeps going on. i truly think they have no clue of what they are doing! im on my way to another host.


    What Says About this Web Host:

    HostGator is awesome

    Hosted For: 3 - 5 years

    Type Of Plan: Dedicated Recommend This Web Hosting

    HostGator is awesome! Their online support is always available to help if you have a problem. As soon as I had a question I went on and had an answer in under 5 seconds. Do yourself a favor and save a lot of hassle, get an account with HostGator.

    10 Steven

    What Steven Says About this Web Host:


    Hosted For: 3 - 5 years

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    Steven Recommend This Web Hosting

    Great Value, Great features, Great speed. Only complaint is If I mention more then 1 problem in an e-mail, they only answer the first. I’ve tried sending them as seperate e-mails, but same issue, only answering first.

    11 Aaron

    What Aaron Says About this Web Host:

    The price is very good and very competative.

    Hosted For: 6 - 11 months

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    Aaron Recommend This Web Hosting

    I found HostGator to be a very good webhost. The customer service has been great and very fast. I have upgraded and downgraded accounts with them and all as always gone very smoothly.
    The price is very good and very competative.
    I have yet to experience any donwtime with Hostgator.
    Very good service all round and for this I give them 5 stars for all.

    12 Duglus

    What Duglus Says About this Web Host:

    I would definitely recommend them!

    Hosted For: 6 - 11 months

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    Duglus Recommend This Web Hosting

    So far hostgators service has been top notch. I have had no uptime issues so far and customer service is always pollite and prompt.
    As far as the price goes at less than $10 for such a great package, it’s excellent.
    I would definitely recommend them!

    13 Salahi

    What Salahi Says About this Web Host:

    Very nice control panel t.

    Hosted For: 1 - 2 years

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    Salahi Recommend This Web Hosting

    In addition to good pricing, uptime and support, HostGator also provides a very nice control panel with a large list of functions some of which cost extra at other hosting companies.

    14 coach ??? ??

    What coach ??? ?? Says About this Web Host:

    coach ??? ??

    Hosted For:

    Type Of Plan:

    coach ??? ?? This Web Hosting

    “If the thing would be so disagreeable then, both to you and to her, in heaven’s name leave it alone.” Such was the moral drawn by Mr. Beaumont; which left him practically the last word in the discussion.
    coach ??? ??

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