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PowWeb Shared Web Hosting Review

About Powweb :

For almost ten years PowWeb has been providing excellent service for affordable rates.

PowWeb is now responsible for hosting more than ten thousand web sites. They provide a bevy of technological nuances such as a load balancing data center, which efficiently ensures maximum uptime, much to the delight of their customers. They innovated a one of a kind, tailor made web hosting software that also helps with automating. They also happen to be the sole managers of their network and equipment. Perfectly located in Burlington, Massachusetts, PowWeb has proved to be very adept at addressing and dealing with problems and have maintained a stellar reputation. The combination of new technologies, fast servers, and a dedicated support team, will ensure that buying this product will be a great choice.


  • UNLIMITED Disk Space
  • UNLIMITED Data Transfer
  • FREE Domain
  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • SSL, FTP, Stats
  • Point & Click Site Builder
  • $75 in Yahoo & Google Ads Credits
  • E-Commerce Included
  • FrontPage/Dreamweaver ready
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Price:

    PowWeb optimizes the saying “one plan one price”, considering that they provide one hosting plan for all of their small to moderately sized patrons.  The plan not only supplies above average storage and bandwidth, is also includes a broad array of add-ons.  Perhaps the most amazing feature of PowWeb is the ability to host an unlimited amount of domain names on each account.

    Control Panel:

    PowWeb’s control panel, called the Member Operations Center, is of their own design. The six main functions on the panel include Main, personal, accounting, packages, domreg and history. The main tab provides you access to FAQs, submits questions to support, sales, or billing staff. The personal tab allows you to view or edit your personal information as well as add new user accounts. The accounting tab lets you create billing accounts, view online payments, add payment methods, and view account history. The package tab is where you will configure the meat of your hosting service-you can configure pop3 accounts, smtp, ftp, http, domains, MySQL, and SSL. The DomReg tab is where you register your domain names. The final tab is your history tab, which logs all the changes you make to your account.


    Customer Support:

    Their email support is very good and effective. They were able to answer all our questions and every email sent was answered promptly. They’ve also added a toll-free line to their office, which is 1-877-4POWWEB (1877-476-9932). The toll-free line is available Monday to Friday 6am-8pm PDT and Saturday to Sunday 11am-4pm PDT. The line is available to US and Canadian customers only. Live chat support is also available now!

    They are also doing a great job of preparing a lot of frequently asked questions (FAQ) in their web site. You can find a lot of solutions to your common problems and also a lot of tips and tricks, such as how to create custom error message, how to do HTTP streaming for real audio and many more.

    They also provide an online community forum as a place for their customers to meet (Just like LunarPages). It is a good place to meet some other PowWeb customers who are willing to help each other out. Web host with an open forum usually means they are quite confident of their services because they allow open discussion about them. An active forum with lots of customers also means that they have a successful and established business. Their forum has more than 20,000 members!

    No More Limitations:

    They have addressed most of the limitations I have posted here ever since I posted this review 5 years ago. For example in January 2004, they installed AWStats to allow their customers to view the traffic statistics of their websites. Before that, they provide no web stats.

    They also provide toll-free support and live-chat support later. You are now able to create password protected directories directly via the control panel. You are also able to setup email autoresponders now. We can see that they are constantly improving their hosting package.

    PowWeb has also removed their maximum number of files limit. They used to have this “funny” limitation where each user cannot have more than 50,000 files in an account. It is funny because it looks like they are the only host in the whole industry that imposed this limitation. But now it has been removed.

    They have increased their MySQL databases to 75 in February 2007 after I highlighted it in the review. There are lots of free scripts available to us today (such as forum, blog, etc.) and all of them require a MySQL database. Having more databases means you can install more free scripts. It is good that my writing does have an impact on them. 🙂


    Application Installation Wizards
    Their simple to use install wizards provides step-by-step instructions for adding a variety of applications to your site–photo galleries, blog software including Joomla , WordPress and more!

    Customize your email address ( to enhance your professional image. Plus, you’ll be able to check your mail from anywhere.

    Free Advertising!

    $80 in Yahoo & Google Ads Credits.


  • UNLIMITED Disk Space
  • UNLIMITED Data Transfer
  • FREE Domain
  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • SSL, FTP, Stats
  • Point & Click Site Builder
  • $75 in Yahoo & Google Ads Credits
  • E-Commerce Included
  • FrontPage/Dreamweaver ready
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • VN:F [1.8.4_1055]
    Tech support
    Customer support
    Reliability & Uptime
    Rating: 3.1/5 (12 votes cast)

    52 Reviews so far!

      Ravi Shrestha

      What Ravi Shrestha Says About this Web Host:

      I really liked the Powweb service.

      Hosted For: 3 - 5 months

      Type Of Plan: Shared

      Ravi Shrestha Don't Recommend This Web Hosting

      I am really really satisfied with the service of Powweb. They answer me whenever there is a problem. They try there best to solve the problem. I was so impressed with the service that i switched all my 3 sites to this account. I love Powweb and appreciate the team behind this hosting company “

      1 Damon Smithwick

      What Damon Smithwick Says About this Web Host:


      Hosted For: 3 - 5 months

      Type Of Plan: Shared

      Damon Smithwick Don't Recommend This Web Hosting

      My forums on powweb run slow slow slow. It can take a minute for pages to load at times. I am getting more and more unhappy with this company every day. “

      2 Vivek

      What Vivek Says About this Web Host:

      Absence of cpanel

      Hosted For: 6 - 11 months

      Type Of Plan: Shared

      Vivek Don't Recommend This Web Hosting

      Biggest problem is absence of cpanel. They have something of their own which is really really really bad. I had a very bad time trying to move my old mails in from my old server and finally they told me that I can’t and I just had to loose all my old mails. Thankfully I atleast have the mails that I had downloded by thunderbird in my pc. And this process took many days. They seem to have really dumb people to whom the support mail first goes. They give some stupid answer, I will tell them its not like that, then they escalate it to someone higher, then he will sort of correctly identify the problem and will say that he will move it to the correct person to solve it.

      So basically many many mails up and down and it plain irritating.

      3 Matt Antonino

      What Matt Antonino Says About this Web Host:

      Powweb up time

      Hosted For: 6 - 11 months

      Type Of Plan: Shared

      Matt Antonino Don't Recommend This Web Hosting

      How can powweb have an uptime of 100% in August when it was down on the 8th for almost the entire day and they had a power outage? How can it be 100% for September when it’s been only 3 days and it hasn’t been up for at least 12 hours now. That’s 16% of the month so far – they should be at 84% and lowering. lol

      I love powweb but the outage counter here is definitely Definitely wrong. “

      4 Chris K

      What Chris K Says About this Web Host:

      Best support bar none!

      Hosted For: 3 - 5 years

      Type Of Plan: Shared

      Chris K Recommend This Web Hosting

      So far ive been with them for over 3 years and have yet to have a problem the site seems to never be down and if ive ever had a problem they answer the phone and have a real pearson to talk to not a send a e-mail “

      5 James Butler

      What James Butler Says About this Web Host:

      PowWeb Hosting is great!

      Hosted For: 3 - 5 years

      Type Of Plan: Dedicated

      James Butler Recommend This Web Hosting

      ” I curently have 24 websites hosted by Powweb. I signed-up with them in May of 2006. I have used over 6 other web hosting services in the past since 1995. I have never experienced any down time with PowWeb on any of my web sites. I have had a few issues with their automated billing system but they were sorted out very quickly by calling their customer service line. I suspect many of the problems expressed by other reviewers here are related to their own inexperience and or external issues. “

      6 winburn

      What winburn Says About this Web Host:

      Hosted For:

      Type Of Plan:

      winburn This Web Hosting

      Infarktvorsorge durch Prophylaxe (zahnärztlicher Zahn- und Taschenreinigung))

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