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Supergreen Web Hosting Review

About Supergreen Hosting:

From the business owner to the individual who desires full functionality on a small budget, Super Green provides your complete web hosting solution.

Super Green Hosting is on a mission to provide users with the most enviromentally friendly solution to web hosting without compromising performance, reliability and features. Super Green Hosting is packed full of features and services including 24×7 support, 1-click website installations, a professional 3-step site builder & unlimited green disk space and bandwidth for as little as $4.95 per month.

With standard web hosting providers, web pages are hosted on a server which will produce around the same amount of emissions as a 15 mpg SUV. Servers are stored in data centers which are responsible for around a quarter of CO2 emissions in the entire ICT industry. In 2006 1.5% of national electricity consumption came from data centers alone and you can only imagine where that is at now…

Super Green Hosting is not only working with solutions to neutralize the effects on the environment, Super Green Hosting is reversing it! Super Green Hosting have dedicated themselves to finding more ways to produce clean sources of energy in order to manage and store your website. For every 100 customers Super Green Hosting plants a tree, a tree that will last 100 years and perform nature’s way of reversing CO2 the main cause of global warming.


  • Free Domain Forever & Instant Setup
  • Unlimited GB’s Hosting Space & Traffic
  • Unlimited MySQL, PHP, CGI, SSI etc.
  • POP3 or IMAP E-mail Access
  • Webmail, cPanel & Easy Site Builder
  • 24 / 7 Phone Support & E-Mail Support
  • 30 Day Money Back & 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed


Super Green web hosting is very affordable just like many unlimited hosting providers. You can go green without having to shell out a ton of money (Just 3.95$) .

Just a few dollars each month and you’re covered!

Payment Method: Paypal – Credit Card

Control Panel:

SuperGreen provides the leading control panel better known as cPanel on all of their web hosting solutions.

Customer Support:

Let’s start off by letting you know that Super Green has implemented a very thorough help center packed with video tutorials and documentation related to Super Green web hosting.

They also provide support around the clock through a few different methods. Our reports have shown that they usually respond to support inquiries in about 5 or 10 minutes.

Contact Super Green Hosting:

111 East Broadway
Suite 210
Glendale CA 91205

Sales Hotline: 888-210-4430
Tech Helpline: 888-210-4430


Application Installation Wizards
Their simple to use install wizards provides step-by-step instructions for adding a variety of applications to your site–photo galleries, blog software including Joomla , WordPress and more!

Customize your email address ( to enhance your professional image. Plus, you’ll be able to check your mail from anywhere.

Free Advertising!
Get the word out about your great new site with credits for major search engines, including Google ,Yahoo , Facebook And Myspace  . They give you $150 right up front in free advertising.

Point & Click Site Building Tools
Create a professional-looking website with just a few clicks, using a variety of dynamic themes and templates. No programming or HTML experience needed!


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Tech support
Customer support
Reliability & Uptime
Rating: 4.7/5 (28 votes cast)

105 Reviews so far!


    What Jeff Says About this Web Host:

    SuperGreen Hosting Rocks!.

    Hosted For: 1 - 2 years

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    Jeff Recommend This Web Hosting

    uperGreen Hosting is the best. Signing up for an account was easy and they offer everything a small or large business would want for their hosting needs. The price can’t be beat either. And, best of all, they are a green company. I’ll definitely recommend SuperGreen to others. What more can I say other than: SuperGreen Hosting rocks!

    1 Gary Midleton

    What Gary Midleton Says About this Web Host:

    Great web hosting provider.

    Hosted For: Less than 1 month

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    Gary Midleton Recommend This Web Hosting

    I am surprised to read any bad reviews on Supergreenhosting, I have been with them for months now and have never had any issues. To date I have not experienced downtime, my web pages load promptly and support is quick and responsive. If you are looking for a green provider you cannot go wrong with SupergreenHosting!

    2 C. Proctor

    What C. Proctor Says About this Web Host:

    Just Fantastic!.

    Hosted For: Less than 1 month

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    C. Proctor Recommend This Web Hosting

    I have been with Super Green Hosting for over a week now and have no complaints what so ever. The support staff are so friendly and really go out of the way to assist you. The control panel looks great and offers loads of extra and freebies you may not have expected to be in there before you signed up. I recommend Super Green Hosting to every webmaster who aren’t already showing their green roots! Fantastic hosting, fantastic price!

    3 Amalie

    What Amalie Says About this Web Host:

    Not Recommended.

    Hosted For: Less than 1 month

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    Amalie Don't Recommend This Web Hosting

    Signed up for hosting on Monday, to date, have not received confirmation email from them. Their support person I talked to had no clue why it was taking so long. The only way you can cancel an account is by email and once again, no confirmation email. Their claim of 24/7 email/telephone support is not substantiated by their actions. I would not recommend them.

    4 Theresa

    What Theresa Says About this Web Host:

    Super Green Hosting is not so Super .

    Hosted For: 1 - 2 months

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    Theresa Don't Recommend This Web Hosting

    2 month experience with Super Green has had too many issues to make the “cheap” price worth it. In this case the term “you get what you pay” for is absolutely true. I have had to contact support twice since starting with SGH. Both times I was shifted from phone, to live chat, to email. 1st customer service contact incident was a bit trying and I was left only somewhat satisfied with resolution. 2nd problem was not addressed in a professional manner. Via phone, live chat or email no resulotion was offered. My advice, not a good choice in web hosting services.

    5 Yana Singh

    What Yana Singh Says About this Web Host:

    I am Happy!

    Hosted For: 1 - 2 months

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    Yana Singh Recommend This Web Hosting

    Just great and best hosting! I have recently moved to HostClear and several postive things stand out to me. Fast servers, Excellent bandwidth, very helful and prompt customer support, no downtime. All this at a resonable price. Cant ask for more. I am Happy!

    6 Jenny Federar

    What Jenny Federar Says About this Web Host:

    Go for it.

    Hosted For: 3 - 5 months

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    Jenny Federar Recommend This Web Hosting

    After moving to SuperGreen Hosting everything I have needed has been dealt super efficiently without any fuss. I am highly impresses by their performance. Will move few more domains to this hosting company. Nothing bad to say about this company from me. Go for it without a second thought.

    7 Mathew Gavin

    What Mathew Gavin Says About this Web Host:

    No downtime or problems.

    Hosted For: 6 - 11 months

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    Mathew Gavin Recommend This Web Hosting

    No downtime or problems.
    Compared with other hosting companies I have been with this is the easiest and least stressful company to deal with.
    Setting up was easy and I have had no problems since I moved to this company. Will recommend SuperGreen Hosting

    8 Kenith Paskal

    What Kenith Paskal Says About this Web Host:


    Hosted For: 6 - 11 months

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    Kenith Paskal Recommend This Web Hosting

    I have 10 domains on the SuperGreen and have had no problems at all. There service is second to none. Customer service is brilliant even when the problem was at my end.

    9 Sam Paul

    What Sam Paul Says About this Web Host:

    Will recommend!

    Hosted For: Less than 1 month

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    Sam Paul Recommend This Web Hosting

    I am new to having a web site and certainly new to having it hosted, so I took my time to decide on the company that would host it for me, cost was a factor, but also ease of use, so far all has been great.
    I would recommend SuperGreen Hosting.

    10 Hannah Bowling

    What Hannah Bowling Says About this Web Host:

    Simply the best.

    Hosted For: 6 - 11 months

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    Hannah Bowling Recommend This Web Hosting

    I would just like to say that I was impressed and would recommend supergreenhosting and I am really pleased with my purchase, I was having quite a few issues with my old hosts (DreamHost) as they were blocking my POST messages with paypal, and don’t answer emails for over 24hours, no good if youre running ecommerce!! After a quick online livechat with support here they assured me that this would not be an issue with supergreen, and guess what?

    11 Kieran Watts

    What Kieran Watts Says About this Web Host:

    So far great!.

    Hosted For: Less than 1 month

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    Kieran Watts Recommend This Web Hosting

    SuperGreen hosting are incredibly cheap when you consider everything that goes into a web host. 24/7 staff and data center cost money let alone green energy certificates on top of that! I have been with them for just under 1 week now and so for I am impressed by the professional service offered by this company.

    12 Kavin Vasquez

    What Kavin Vasquez Says About this Web Host:

    What is wrong with super green??.

    Hosted For: 1 - 2 months

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    Kavin Vasquez Recommend This Web Hosting

    Looking at all these reviews there are obviously a large group of people who think a lot of super green hosting but then there’s the negative reviews which makes you wonder whether their is foul play going on by on of their competitors.. Perhaps green geeks! I cannot even relate to what some of these people are saying, I have been with super green for over a month now and I have had zero problems at all, if anything super green hosting has far out done my expectations!! Super green offer an anytime money back guarantee so it doesn’t even make sense why you people are moaning?? Super green are great. period.

    13 L. Clark

    What L. Clark Says About this Web Host:

    I went with Super Green according to the reviews, unlimited disk space, and so o

    Hosted For: Less than 1 month

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    L. Clark Don't Recommend This Web Hosting

    I went with Super Green according to the reviews, unlimited disk space, and so on and so forth. When I needed help, it says it would get back to me within 18 minutes. Never happened, unless you count the chat with a live agent. I have been without a website that I can manage for over 2 weeks now. My business is based on my web site. I cannot refer anyone to Super Green. I feel that they have let me down and have not lived up to their name. I also chatted to an agent and asked for them to unlock the domain name and to give me an authorization code, along with a refund. That was yesterday afternoon. I just received an email (approx. 11am pst) 08/18/09 that they will look into the matter. This is wrong. It has been less than 30 days they should automatically refund and do as I asked. I cannot have a web site until they release it. was better with their tech support than Super Green!!!

    14 F. Wilson

    What F. Wilson Says About this Web Host:

    Low Level Tech Support.

    Hosted For: Less than 1 month

    Type Of Plan: Shared

    F. Wilson Don't Recommend This Web Hosting

    Tech support is right there when you are thinking of purchasing their service, but after paying the fee, it is very difficult to get a response. When they do respond, there is a runaround, such as “check your email in 20 minutes” and such email never shows, etc. Right now I am in the process of getting a refund since I moved to a site that is better for e-commerce. It has been nearly 10 days and no response so I’m going to initiate a charge-back. I would not recommend Super Green if you are relatively inexperienced with setting up a website. If you are an expert, it is a good price point but if you are new to web development, you will be immediately lost when it comes to their software, especially the non-existent site builder that can’t be fully edited! One off-putting policy is that you have to pay more to get priority tech support- a red flag for sure!

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