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What is Green Web Hosting? And Which Company Provide it?

A growing number of companies are adopting business practices that address the issues of climate change and sustainable energy consumption. For such firms, signing with a hosting provider that embraces green technologies and processes is a natural step toward creating a cleaner, more livable world.
According to the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), datacenters accounted for 1.5 percent of all American power consumption in 2006 — a number that’s expected to double by 2011. If this statistic concerns you, and you want to take your Web hosting in a green direction, here’s how to get started:
What to Look For

Hosting providers utilize a variety of techniques to green their services, including:

Alternate Energy Sources: Most green hosting providers tout the fact that they utilize sustainable energy sources, such wind, solar and hydropower, to run some or all of their operations. But providers’ commitments vary widely, so it’s important to closely examine each firm’s claims to learn how much energy actually comes from green sources. Also check to see whether a green power claim covers the entire business, its datacenter operations or just its servers.

Carbon Neutrality: A number of hosting firms promise to offset some or all of their power-related carbon-dioxide emissions by purchasing renewable carbon credits from organizations that specialize in such trades. In fact, some green hosting businesses don’t directly purchase any green energy; they simply offset their emissions by acquiring carbon credits.

Transportation: Several green hosting firms have business policies that enable employees to work from home to reduce pollution and energy consumption from commuting. A growing number also subsidize eco-friendly transportation technologies (such as bicycles) that staff members can use to travel to and from work.

Donations: Some green hosters promise to donate a portion of their revenues to environmental causes.
Why Do It?

While green hosting promises to benefit the environment and make the world a more livable place, there are also some strong business reasons for adopting the approach:

Green Citizenship: Signing up with a green hosting provider assures customers and the public at large that a business is serious about its civic responsibilities and places a high priority on environmental protection.

Compliance: A growing number of government agencies worldwide are developing IT environmental-compliance policies. Green hosting allows companies to anticipate these regulations and to get a head start on adopting an important new business practice.

Setting a Trend: Businesses adopting green hosting practices will encourage competitors to follow in their footsteps, helping to spur industry-wide acceptance.
Who’s Offering It?

Green hosting providers are popping up like flowers after a spring shower. Here’s a short list of major green hosting providers: Green Web Hosting

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